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About HealthSafe

HealthSafe is a smart innovative tool that supports your due diligence on key health and safety requirements and more.

Kevin McAfee - HealthSafe

HEALTHSAFE is committed to protecting your people. Established by Kevin Mc Afee, who fell in love with New Zealand (and a New Zealander) and is now raising his family here. Kevin wants to share his passion for protecting people with you.

Kevin has over two decades of experience in the health and safety and Facilities Management industry in both New Zealand and the UK.

With the new Health and Safety at Work Act effective from the 4th of April 2016, where the key to compliance is to introduce and follow process, Kevin had the idea of using technology to develop a system to aid compliance - Health Safe Compliance.

HealthSafe compliance is a simple intuitive tool with access to address or review all your health and safety processes anywhere or any time and with the latest technology, remove all the paperwork and monitoring as the HealthSafe system does this for you allowing your people time to focus on other key tasks.

Lastly, Kevin speaks about a process being 50% of the solution. “Culture within any organ- isation is the real challenge, the next 50%”. This is where HealthSafe takes a significant step forward against any of it’s competitors. Kevin explains, “HealthSafe has a very innovative approach to silently advertise health and safety everyday in a very discreet but powerfully effective manner. This approach can be used in any environment and it’s something many and some leading companies in New Zealand are quite excited about!”

Meet the Team

Jael Repia

Jael Repia - Head of Key Accounts & Tele-Marketing
HealthSafe NZ - jael@healthsafe.co.nz