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KEEP CALM AND GET INFORMED – Duncan Garner Interview


The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is now in play and despite what you may be hearing; there is no need to panic!

Duncan Garner took the opportunity yesterday to interview our general manager Tim Tyrrell-Baxter straight after the Minister of Workplace Relations & Safety, Michael Woodhouse, on the first day of the new Act being in force.

The new legislation makes things a lot clearer… and that means with the right solutions and advice you can easily and cost-effectively put tools in place to manage business, director and worker responsibilities.

Bottom line? Yes, you need to be informed. Yes, you need to be proactive. Yes, you do need to have systems in place.

If you’re even a little bit concerned, get in touch. We understand exactly what’s required and will fill you in – with no scare tactics or misinformation.

Listen to the interview above and remember, we’re here to help (no matter what size business you are).

“We work with government agencies and leading businesses. They trust us to deliver… and their people trust them. We’re not about fear; we’re about results. Our best tools and our expert advice makes it easy, affordable and most importantly; safe”.
Kevin McAfee, Managing Director, HealthSafe

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