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The Contractor Management solution opening doors

The Contractor Management Solution

The contractor management solution that’s opening doors…literally! 

Less than a year after going live, HealthSafe SecurePass is supporting some of New Zealand’s leading companies to deliver health and safety governance along with a commitment to help send people home safely to their families at the end of their working shift.

We talk with Kevin Mc Afee, Founder and Managing Director of HealthSafe on his business challenges, latest innovations and what’s upcoming!

“The challenge for HealthSafe is balance. Balance in creating solutions to compliment a business operation whilst supporting governance using technology. Also, we need to ensure that we do not cross the line where technology overrides the individual using our product” says Mr. Mc Afee. “It’s easy to become engrossed in the wonders of technology however with the HealthSafe teams’ years of experience acting as a filter, we are able to wow our clients with our intelligent and innovative solutions.”


“Securepass validates contractors arriving onsite by Geo fencing or by QR code. After validating a contractor’s qualifications, insurance, contract and induction, SecurePass communicates key health and safety information of the site (or property) being visited which includes the evacuation process, Risk/Hazard Register along with the opportunity of a private message to their smartphone. Up to this point, we are supporting a business’s due diligence.

Now imagine a product interfacing with your access control system that enables approved contractors to use their smartphone to access the property. No more need for contractor access cards leading to significant reductions in time and cost of managing these cards.

Well, there is no need to imagine any longer. SecurePass is proud to introduce another Australasian first. SecurePass has the ability to interface with all leading New Zealand and Australian access control companies as part of our solution to complement your business operation.”

Another incredible first for HealthSafe and for New Zealand. Well done to you and your team! You mentioned the validation process and health and safety information on sign in. What are the other benefits of SecurePass?

“A great question! Each of our clients’ wants a slightly different solution to suit their situation and to resolve specific needs. I am glad to say that we can cater for most client requirements using the extensive range of SecurePass’s features.”

Overview: Watercare

“One of our largest clients, Watercare, requires SecurePass to validate contractors coming into their water treatment plants. Watercare uses SecurePass’s unique Unauthorised Zones feature to identify when contractors go into high-risk areas or locations. When this occurs, the SecurePass system electronically advises the contractor to immediately return to the reception/meeting area as well as instantly notifying the respective Plant Manager(s) and Security.”

Overview: Large Infrastructure Company

“Our large infrastructure company client requires SecurePass to show the contractors’ credentials and confirm that they have been inducted on specific projects. This is especially important for our client and their people as many of these sites involve construction works and potential exposure to hazardous substances.”  

Overview: Property Clients

“SecurePass’s Induction feature allows HealthSafe’s property clients with the ability to support their contractors with a high-level video or powerpoint for inductions that are messaged directly to them via their smartphone upon sign up of the SecurePass app and then again annually. The Invoice Time and Attendance Reconciliation feature enables the organisation’s Finance team to review and verify contractor invoices versus contractor hours spent onsite.”

Obviously, in a year you have covered a lot of ground. What’s next for the team at HealthSafe?

“HealthSafe has been the focus and commitment of our team for the last four years. I think it’s important to know that SecurePass is just one of the solutions on offer by HealthSafe. Having developed a small but rapidly growing blue-chip client base, we are looking to focus into two key areas; communicating with existing clients to understand how we can further support and assist them further; and continuing to develop and deliver solutions that are both innovative and intelligent. The HealthSafe team is committed to continual learning and improvement, it’s just who we are.”

What’s next?

“HealthSafe has recently acquired an online Health and Safety apparel, uniform and PPE ordering solution that was launched and rebranded in May 2018 as HealthSafe Apparel & PPE. We also have some significant and advanced changes happening to our integrated Risk Management Solution where we now offer online video training for our client’s staff and a more improved reporting process and reporting tools.

In a few months time, HealthSafe will be introducing a new and innovative solution that will help solve many of the challenges that the Australasian transport sector faces around the Chain of Responsibility (‘COR’). This is going to be another first for our business!”

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about HealthSafe. Your growth and the innovations that you are developing are helping to ensure people return home safely to their families. We will watch over the next twelve months and share your journey of success as another New Zealand company that is taking on the world.

About Kevin McAfee

“Culture within any organisation is the real challenge, the next 50%”. This is where HealthSafe takes a significant step forward against any of it’s competitors. Kevin explains, “HealthSafe has a very innovative approach to silently advertise health and safety everyday in a very discreet but powerfully effective manner. This approach can be used in any environment and it’s something many and some leading companies in New Zealand are quite excited about!”