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Innovative approach to live 'health and safety' everyday for your team

HealthSafe - Protecting Your People

HealthSafe is a smart innovative tool that helps you meet your obligations on key health and safety requirements

HealthSafe - one location accessible in seconds

All your health and safety needs in
one location accessible in seconds!

HealthSafe - simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

HealthSafe - Protecting Your People

Uncomfortable with the new health and safety at work Act 2015?
HealthSafe holds the answers to supporting your business

HealthSafe - Designed for one or multiple businesses

Designed for one or multiple businesses

HealthSafe - Protecting Your People

Not sure how to comply?
Let HealthSafe give you peace of mind and take care of your business's
health and safety needs with cost effective compliance

HealthSafe - contractor

Caters for contractor management

Let HealthSafe give you peace of mind. Call us today on 0800 357 242 or email support@healthsafe.co.nz.

HealthSafe online solution
HealthSafe protects people. HealthSafe can ensure you comply with the new health and safety at work Act 2015. HealthSafe supports your business with a compliance tool that meets the new requirements and reduces 90% of your workload through simple and easy to use technology.

Compliance Audit
HealthSafe compliance audit to help you identify where you need to focus your time and give you back control in your business. HealthSafe Consultancy & Advice

Consultancy & Advice
HealthSafe consultancy is to ensure you get the correct information you need to make the right decision for your business at a strategic level. HealthSafe advice is a support for you and your team to coach and educate why they need to change.

HealthSafe Compliance
HealthSafe is suitable for any business. HealthSafe compliance is an intuitive, easy to use tool that ensures you deliver the new health and safety at work Act, effective from April 4th 2016 whilst giving you a peace of mind your people will be protected.

HealthSafe ensures you and your team a consistency of document reporting online by leading you through the appropriate process thats available in seconds to be reviewed at any secondary location once submitted by any android device. Single sites and multiple sites are managed in the same manner and with multi-sites a dash board function with regional or site specific break down to review key requirements is available.

Contractor management by induction or onsite reviews made easy by using any android device with an internet connection. To save on time, the system automatically collates all the information monthly and sends essential monthly reports to approved users on the 1st of the new month.

Other functions to support you are the Archive tool to find any historic saved documentation. Photographic and video footage upload capability. Witness statements or hard documents upload capability to be part of any investigation all on the one report. Alerts for any serious harm as they happen. Online filing for your team i.e. training records or certificates.

HealthSafe - Protecting your people


  • HealthSafe processes meet the new health and safety at work Act 2015
  • Online forms include: Hazard identification, accident review & serious harm and more
  • Accessible by any android device with an internet connection
  • Health and safety resources in one location available in seconds
  • Capability to upload: images, video footage & other supporting documents
  • Alerts for any serious harm by SMS and email
  • Dashboard for multi sites to view business performance at a glance
  • Monthly reporting on key requirements
  • Innovative approach to create a health and safety culture with any business
  • Compliance Audit & consultancy services available