Trusted by leading businesses across Australasia


Healthsafe provides premium software solutions for employee, visitor and contractor management, as well as an integrated risk management system and people onboarding tools to help organisations simplify their health and safety processes and keep their people safe.

Our leading-edge IT solutions have been designed for both the private and public sector to efficiently operate employee, visitor and contractor management, health & safety, environmental, assets and quality management.

Our visitor and contractor management systems are trusted and highly-scalable to protect people, businesses and data, whilst adhering to the New Zealand Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and Work Health & Safety Act Australia 2011.
Using one intelligent platform designed to support any business environment, HealthSafe’s software products – SecurePass™ and dynamicRMS – remove the hassle of the manual sign-in process for contractor and visitor management.

Since 2015, our innovative solutions are used by leading healthcare, rail, construction, waste management, aviation, public sector, commercial property, quarries and mining, education, navy, retail and infrastructure companies across Australasia.

We’re passionate about helping you protect your people.

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Innovative technology solutions for:

  • Contractor, employee and visitor management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Risk and security management
  • People onboarding
  • Contractor management and compliance
  • Highly scalable for medium to large organisations


Our innovative and cost-effective platform is used and trusted by leading businesses across Australasia.

HealthSafe partners with highly reputable and cybersecurity-focused SAAS hosting provider AWS which hosts our platforms and data.
AWS provides highly-scalable database storage solutions to suit any industry and meets government requirements.

This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we have capacity to cater to businesses with an unlimited number of buildings and sites. At HealthSafe, we work with medium to large businesses that have either a minimum of 10 sites, or a large number of contractors regularly attending sites.

HealthSafe’s software solutions are ISO:27001 certified to support business data security.




Used and trusted by leading businesses across Australasia, HealthSafe’s dynamicRMS is a risk management system designed to improve culture and ensure control whilst also educating users to keep people safe in and out of the workplace. The innovative and cost-effective platform supports environmental, quality and safety in the workplace. dynamicRMS provides access to electronic documents without the use of an app, complementing business operations and improving efficiency and cost-savings. Healthsafe has a patent for this innovative technology, and is the only provider in Australasia.



SecurePass™ supports Health and Safety processes, making compliance with legislation easy to manage. SecurePass™ is simple to use; visitors and contractors sign in and proceed through the health and safety due diligence process in a few fast and simple steps. SecurePass™ sends an automatic email and SMS notification to the person being visited upon sign-in with all visitor information logged on the SecurePass™ dashboard. This provides real-time visibility and tracking of people and transparency into business operations. SecurePass™ also has extensive emergency management capabilities, as well as the functionality for lone workers to alert their on-site managers if they need urgent assistance.